In Europe INPACT posted an 18% growth in fee income, compared to an average of only 9% growth across other associations. INPACT also performed well in the Middle East, where it placed 11th, as well as in Asia-Pacific and Africa, where it was ranked 12th in both. 

The latest IAB world survey results reveal that the big accountancy firms are getting bigger with each passing year. In order to be able to compete on a global level, smaller accountancy firms are recognising the need to be part of a strong global alliance in order to compete with the larger players.

Lena Fiedler, INPACT Global Board Chair, comments, “We are delighted to hold our position amongst the top 15 global accountancy associations.  The results show that our commitment to recruiting only the best firms that share our culture for personal service, reliability and innovation, is paying dividends. The strong collaboration among our members brings a depth of knowledge, skills and expertise that would be difficult to achieve as an independent firm and ensure our members’ global reach.”

The IAB report also noted how technology advances will continue to have a major impact on the work of accountancy firms. The need for innovation and new ways of working will be key in 2018, so the strong collaboration and shared culture among INPACT members should be of great benefit. INPACT will be looking to bring new members into its fold in 2018